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From day one, everything was professional and complete. I was given the reason and purpose for all exercises. The therapy was tough, but the result was great. Thank you for everything. Duane Donat

I've been so happy with how much better I fell in such a short time. Jackie has been terrific - I've learned so much and feel like myself again. Thank you so much!   Lori Lipp

I worked with Elaine, Jackie and Paige and found all three to be very professional and knowledgeable. Also, kudos to the rest of your staff - very pleasant. Kay Sandquist

This winter I took a bad fall.  At the Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center they got me in right away.  I had a very good therapist which helped me greatly.  Thank you Jackie!  I really enjoy the hot water pool, it felt so good.  Everyone there was helpful and caring.
Marilyn T.

I've had noticeable improvement since I started therapy at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center.  The staff here is very friendly and helpful.
Troy W.

Without therapy I would not have gained the mobility that is needed.  It was like family.  They were concerned about how I was doing, listened to me, and were very gentle.  My success is due to them and I am grateful and glad I chose their center. Maureen H.

I highly recommend the physical therapists at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center.  I broke three bones in my ankle and was fortunate to have such friendly, knowledgeable, and expert therapists to help me recover.  It is great getting back to normal life again.
Kris Boekelheide
Initially, I came in for pain in my shoulder that had been persitent for awhile and intermittent for about a year back in 2012. The staff at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center, LTD were quick to assess and effectively treat the problem. I quickly regained function and was pain free. I was then involved in a home accident and tore my rotator cuff. Following surgery, I again sought out the services and staff at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center, LTD. Over the three months of post surgical therapy, the staff worked hard to make a very difficult recovery more tolerable. Their professionalism, compassion, as well as humor, made the entire process a much more pleasurable experience. I can truthfully say that I will miss them all very much when my therapy is completed! The entire practice works well together and obviously takes great pride in their work. Everyone is very friendly and takes their time with patients while making sure that appointments flow smoothly. An overall wonderful experience.
Maria Meyer

The past six years have been troublesome. Visits to two local orthopedic physicians, MRIs & X-rays, five sets of cordizone injections, and physical therapy locally and in Arizona and I still could not walk more than a few steps and could not step up to walk stairs. In a last ditch effort I was referred for another try at physical therapy. This time I called Orthopedic Physical Therapy. There is a reason these folks have their PhDs in Physical Therapy. Jackie did her own evaluation and determined I likely had an si joint issue - not my hip, knee or spine. This time, Jackie made sure my si joint was in alignment before we began each session, and began what has become six months of rehab. Happily the light at the end of the tunnel is burning brightly. I am grateful for Jackie's knowledge, positive attitude and energy, and the fact that she has taken me from where I was and has moved me forward as I have been able. The at-home program she set up each week was tailored to what I needed and could do, and did so much to help my situation that I followed through. Many thanks to Jackie and the support staff at Orthopedic Physical Therapy, all of whom have been so skilled and dedicated to getting me back to my old self!
Marilyn Maloney

I have been to Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center on several occasions. They have helped me return to a normal life style. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend the center to everyone.

M. Hauck

After the physical therapist worked on my back, I realized that my back hasn't felt this good for many years! Don Palmer

I learned to cope with constant neck pain and shoulder pain through my youth, adolescence and adult life. Seeking treatment for relief in the 80's I found a maintenance program. The last few years the pain intensified. A referral of physical therapy in 2009 consisting of three months of physical therapy plus doing the daily recommended exercise program. The results have been amazing to me. I am enjoying the freedom from neck and shoulder pain. I would strongly recommend physical therapy for pain intervention. C.R.

I only have one regret I wish I had gone sooner. Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center has given me the care and knowledge so I can now do all the correct stretching exercises to relieve my pain and stiffness from my arthritis and feel good again. Diana Hauck

I started physical therapy with Lee Goetz in 1995 treating a spinal sprain, from a rear end car accident. I have scoliosis in my lower back and I work in manufacturing which involves repetitive motion, both require me to get treatments from time to time. I know I can count on Lee and his fellow assistants to take care of all my physical therapy needs. Loretta R. McLaughlin

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Staff did a great job getting me back in shape and somewhat "normal." All of the professionalism and care really helped to get my new knees working properly.
Ken Dean

OPTC staff showed me gentle loving care as I recovered from my injury and knee problem! They were a great blessing to me!
"We give thanks to God for you, making mention of you in our prayers; Remembering without ceasing your work of faith, and labour of love, and patient of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Thess 1:2-3 I tell everyone that exercise is the key and it really works, but most of all I appreciate your sweet beside manner! Glenna Remington

Just had to send a note thanking the staff for all of the help with all of my ailments. You were GREAT to work with. Sharon Horning